William (Bill) Turso III, Owner & President of Tursair Fueling Inc.
Bill has a lifetime of experience in the fueling business.  He oversees all aspects of customer service including sales, operations, finance and human resources. info@tursair.com 

Douglas Turso, Senior Director of Maintenance.
Doug has 30+ years of experience maintaining Tursair's fleet of trucks. 

Kristina Crumiel, Fuel Ticket Data Coordinator.
Our coordinator is responsible for recording all fuel tickets in FICAS and ensuring efficient auditing by all customers.  kristina@tursair.com  

Our Team

24 hour Dispatch:  +1.305.607.9269

Office Tel: +1.305.869.4883

PO Box 566179, Miami, FL  33256 USA

6+ decades of reliable service

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your In To Plane Fueling needs.

We opened our doors in 1958 and have been available to our customers 24/7/365 every day since (even during Hurricane Andrew).  

3 generations of Turso's have been meeting airlines fueling needs in MIA since the 1950s. 

Our passion is perfection when it comes to efficiently and safely fueling your aircraft or accounting for the details of the transaction to enable your own internal communication and accurate auditing.