24 hour Dispatch:  +1.305.607.9269

Office Tel: +1.305.869.4883

PO Box 566179, Miami, FL  33256 USA

Passenger Airline Services

We currently service many of MIA's passenger airlines. We offer both hydrant fueling and tanker fueling on all concourses and ramps from our vast array of equipment. If you want to avoid fuel delays, please reach out to us for a quote at 305.869.4883.

Cargo Carrier Services

We currently service many of the largest cargo carriers at MIA including DHL, Centurion and Amerijet. If you want to ensure timely departures and need a partner who can handle flexible schedules, please reach out to us for a quote at 305.869.4883.

Private/Charter Aircraft Services

Call for discounted prices.   The best Jet-A fuel price @ MIA. We are AVAILABLE 24/7/365 with NO ADDITIONAL CALL OUT FEES! Please call with at least 24-hour notice to schedule fueling which occurs on Ramp 808 (the old GAC Ramp), or ramp 840-B.  We can and will deliver the best value and service available in the area. We encourage you to contact your preferred contract fuel provider for rates.  Our 24 hour dispatch can be reached at 305.869.4880 or 305.607.9269.

Fuel Management Services

Is your organization struggling to manage its fuel? Unsure about how to bring it in and out of MIA, how to account for its movement and ensure timely departures for all your flights? Call us for a quote at 305.869.4883. 


Need an unexpected de-fuel? No problem. We have the experience and know how to do it safely at MIA. Call us at 305.869.4883 for a quote.