About Us

Available 24/7/365

Why Choose Us

Looking for jet-fuel at Miami International Airport? Look no further! 

We are an In To Plane Fueling Company located onsite at MIA.  We can and will deliver the best value and service at Miami International Airport.

Our experienced fuelers will make sure you are ready to fly 24/7/365. 

We service both international and domestic passenger airlines and cargo carriers as well as private and charter aircraft. 

We also provide fuel management services and de-fuels upon request.

Our 24 hour dispatch number is 305.607.9269 or 305.869.4880.

24 hour Dispatch:  +1.305.607.9269

Office Tel: +1.305.869.4883

PO Box 566179, Miami, FL  33256 USA

Most Reliable at MIA

We are the longest running In To Plane Fueling Company at MIA.  We are a 24/7/365 operation and our doors have never been closed since we opened them in 1958.  

Agile & Service Oriented

Over our 6 decades of service we have built relationships that enable Tursair Fueling to grow with customers. We have access to the equipment and manpower to meet your growing needs. The tools & capabilities we have honed through decades of experience will deliver flawless service both during fueling and the accounting process that ensues.


We are proud to be a family owned and operated business. Our name is on all the trucks and the buck stops with us. When you call Tursair Fueling, you get access to the owner as well as outstanding service and value for all your needs.